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Keepsake jewelry holds a special place in our hearts, representing cherished memories and timeless connections. Each piece becomes a tangible reminder of the moments you hold dear, encapsulating love, joy, and cherished relationships. Whether it's a pendant containing a lock of hair and umbilical cord, a ring containing ashes of a loved one, or personalized birthstone and breastmilk earrings, keepsake jewelry serves as a tangible expression of our most treasured experiences. These beautifully crafted pieces allow you to carry a piece of your loved ones and your journey wherever you go, providing comfort, strength, and a lasting connection to the people and moments that shape your life.

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Keepsake Rings

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Your most treasured items

Head to our 'How It Works' Page to learn how you will gather, package and submit your most treasured items to be professionally preserved into a one-of-a-kind piece. We preserve breastmilk, cremation ashes, hair, umbilical cord, placenta, dried flowers (such as wedding or funeral flowers) and even soil or sand from a special place.

Designed by you

You select the style of jewelry from our collection and let us know in the design notes what you would like the stone to look like! Everything from a classic white breastmilk stone, to a swoop of hair with rose gold flakes to a coloured ash stone can be achieved with detailed instructions! The sky is the limit.

Professionally preserved by us

We professionally preserve your items in our studio and make them into keepsake jewelry to be treasured. We use love and care when making your jewelry for you!

Empower your journey

Our mission at Nectar Co. is to empower your story and your journey through keepsake jewelry. To allow you to keep whatever you treasure most close to you.