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Goddess Oval Stone Pendant Necklace

Goddess Oval Stone Pendant Necklace

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You are looking at the most popular necklace in our collection! This modern oval shape is a stand alone pendant stone that contains your most special moments. Available in both small (.9x1.3cm) and large (1.7x2.4cm) stones to compliment your personal and unique style. Your perfect keepsake will hang from an 18" chain. 

The hooks on these pendants are gold and silver plated. 

You can make this pendant your own with inclusions such as:

Breastmilk, hair, flowers (birth month, wedding flowers, etc.), loved one's ashes, umbilical stump, the sky is the limit! We are able to preserve many different things. You may also request a specific style or addition from us such as silver, gold or rose gold flakes. 

Our professional preservation jewelry services will create a beautiful keepsake inspired by your journey. We are here to make your dreams come to life! 

Please select all that apply (maximum of 3)
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Let us know in detail how you would like us to design your piece! Be as specific as you can or let us know if you'd like us to design it for you.
Please let us know if you would like pearl shimmer added! It will add some shimmer to your stone.
Please choose 1 option
Please let us know which inclusions will be sent to us to include in your keepsake!
Please choose 1 to 4 options
If you had ordered from us before, please let us know! You will receive 15% off your order and if you ordered a breastmilk keepsake, we will still have your preserved breastmilk on file!
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We love hearing about our customers stories. It helps us to create the most perfect keepsake with love and care. If you are comfortable, we will also share your story if we post it to our social media with your special piece.


All jewelry is made using Sterling Silver, also known as 925 Silver. It is hypoallergenic, high quality and stylish. Rose Gold Inflill or Gold Infill shouldn't wear with proper care!

Shipping & Returns

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Please note that since this is a custom made, one-of-a-kind keepsake, we do not accept returns. That being said, if there is an error on the artists part, please email us so that we can resolve any issues.

Care Instructions

Please remember that this is fine jewelry and should be treated with extra care so that it will last forever. We have provided you with some care instructions for your special piece:

You can absolutely wear your jewelry daily but please remember to remove jewelry before: sun bathing, washing your hands, working out, showering or swimming, or applying any soaps or hand sanitizer, lotions or chemicals. Keep it in a safe place out of the sun. Avoid wearing your jewelry in water or while sleeping. Handle your jewelry as delicately as you can to avoid scratches. It is very important to follow our proper care instructions. Please visit our Care Page for more detailed care instructions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jenna Elisabeth
Stunning necklace

Rose did a phenomenal job with my beautiful breast milk and flower necklace. She even took the time to call me and go over the details of exactly what I wanted and made recommendations based on the contents. The necklace is gorgeous and the chain is beautiful too. Thank you so much, Rose, for your kind words and creating such a beautiful keepsake for me! ♥️


I could not have gotten the necklace at a better time. Right around when my baby was 4 months old she went on a small nursing strike and I was heartbroken. I think it was day 2 of pumping hell when my necklace arrived. It meant the world to me because even if my baby didn’t want to nurse anymore, I would always have something to show from our journey. She did decide to continue nursing and we have almost made it to a year so far! Such a special piece of jewelry I will cherish forever. I cannot thank you enough ❤️

Jon Lawless
Couldn't be happier.

Wonderful product and customer experience. Would gladly recommend.

captured a piece in time for me and my son In this journey of breastfeeding

My breastfeeding journey was filled with grief, triumph, tears, heartache, healing, and so many tender moments to count that I have an album on my phone entitled noble breastfeeding 💕.

Rose and her team at nectar have captured a piece in time for me and my son In this journey of breastfeeding. I am so grateful for the added personal touches like his birth month flower pressed in my necklace . I am also grateful for her to repair a breastmilk ring I had made before she opened and repaired it perfectly. I am so grateful for her talents, love and commitment to capture these precious times and also use beautiful quality materials making gorgeous timeless pieces. Rose walked me through the process of making my necklace, answered all questions I had so promptly and really wanted to ensure I was going to fall in love with the piece she was making me. I am so grateful for her care and attention to detail.

I think my absolute favourite part of nectar & co. is the way that they care and make custom jewellery pieces with a loved ones ashes. Loss of a child or anyone for that matter is an intense journey and to hold that space and create a beautiful piece for families to cherish is a really special gift and offering to the world.

Every piece of jewelry tells a story

Jewelry symbolizes love. A moment. A laugh. tears. Joy. Time. A heirloom to be passed down. A person. A bond. Your unique style. Keepsake jewelry is the ultimate story keeper!

  • Made with love

    Each piece of jewelry is hand made which makes each one individual and unique. No two will look alike! We know how important and special these memories are and ensure that we take extra care with your special inclusions and we always ensure quality control!

  • Perfect packaging

    It's no secret that we care about the planet around here. We take steps to ensure that we are reducing waste as much as possible over here! Our jewelry boxes are meant to be kept and used for storage and each piece is shipped in eco-conscious and often compostable packaging.